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Taiwanese Female Student with Her 100 Kisses in Paris

October 3, 2011

A 28-year-old Taiwanese girl, studying in Paris, France, has become an internet sensation due to her “100 Kisses in Paris” project. order levitra

20090913kiss081″ src=”http://www.starteveryday.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/20090913kiss081.jpg” alt=”100 Kisses in Paris” width=”427″ height=”640″ /> Yang Yaqing has made it her goal to steal the kisses of 100 men, in Paris. Apparently, Yang has come up with this strange idea, three years ago, but she was judged as promiscuous, in Taiwan. As soon as she went to study overseas, in Paris, she put her plan into action. Yang’s quest to kiss 100 men began last July, when she began asking strange men, around Paris, if they would give her a kiss. Even though she is an attractive woman, only 80% of the guys she asked, actually accepted her challenge. Some just politely refused. With the help of a photographer friend, she documented her kisses in Paris and posted them on her blog. After being submitted on a social network, the stolen

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kisses of Yang Yaqing became an internet sensation, and the Taiwanese girl even launched a book. entitled “A Hundred Kisses in Paris”, which documents 54 of her kisses, so far. At the end of February, Yang had kissed 67 men, and even though some people disapprove of her project, she says she won’t stop until she reaches her goal, of 100 kisses in Paris. 100 Kisses in Paris Her 3rd kiss was with a teacher from Africa, later invited her to go to Africa with him. During her 48th kiss, she wrote on her blog that he bit her lips. She said it was the first time someone bit her lips, “quite an interesting feeling”. 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris 100 Kisses in Paris Yang Yaqing Yang Yaqing in photo  

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